Tag: demonetization

India Ends Cash Freeze

India removed all limits on cash withdrawals this week, ending its demonetization period. The government had imposed strict limits on cash withdrawal amounts after its initial announcement last November.

While digital transactions rose sharply after demonetization, data from the Reserve Bank of India shows cash making a return.

Worldwide Focus on Fintech Regulation Signals Opportunity for PFs

In the U.S., regulators, businesspeople and other groups are in the midst of a debate about how financial technology firms should be regulated. The OCC’s proposed special purpose national bank charter for fintech companies is one example; a white paper outlining policy objectives around the fintech sector issued by the Obama administration at the end of its term is another.

But the U.S. is hardly the only place where the deliberation over just how to oversee this rising sector is taking place. Financial technology is on the minds of governments worldwide, which signals real opportunity for payment facilitators.


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