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Our goal is to surprise our readers with every story, whether that surprise comes from unexpected information, analysis or context. But there’s a reason why PaymentFacilitator.com must exist and why it needs to exist now. The world of payments is changing more radically now than any point in the last 20 years, fueled by mobile (payments as well as authentication), cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, huge regulatory changes and merchants and software companies seeing payments for the first time as a revenue model.

The simple truth is that payments are being embedded into technology—and into the very fabric of commerce —in a way that will force changes in every aspect of payments. Everything you knew about payments last year—especially if you’re a payments veteran—will likely be irrelevant in just a few years. The PaymentFacilitator.com team will look at all payments issues for our audience of payments facilitators.

PFs are changing the way they do business at the same time that the business and payments landscape around them are changing all of the rules. And although this is intensively impact U.S. payments operations, the changes elsewhere around the globe—especially in China, India, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe—are dwarfing U.S. changes.

One warning: We won’t pull punches nor play favorites. There is one way and one way only for us to earn your trust and your faith in our credibility. Over time, we believe you will find that our story predictions will be correct and that our insights and analysis are based on true beliefs, beyond the influence of advertisers or business partners.